Indias Protected Areas: Are they really protected?
Ecosystems around the globe are showing the effects of climate warming. Earlier arrival of migrant birds, earlier appearance of butterflies, earlier spawning in amphibians, earlier flowering of plants – spring has been coming sooner every year since the 1960s, researchers reported. They predict some species will vanish because they cannot expand into new areas when their native climate heats up…     more 
Foresters have no count of Gir lion deaths
How many lions are there in the Gir National Park and Sanctuary? Officially, the Forest Department claims there are more than 304, which were counted during the 1995 lion census.      more 
Arsenic flows in to pollute Damodar river
Geologists call it arsenic, chemists term it heavy metal or perhaps calls the mineral compound a violent poison; however a change in name does not change the fact that arsenic is poisonous and is the root cause for contamination the waters of the Damodar river, a natural source of water and life to thousands     more 

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