Our Vision

We want to make it easy for you to help protect the environment… each and every time you log on to www.care4nature.org.
We all are so busy these days… it’s hard to take the extra effort usually required to make a positive impact on the environment. So, we are here to eliminate that “extra effort”!
Mission and company overview
Our one and only goal is to help environment. Our mission is to create environment awareness in Indian people. India, a third world country with no environmental awareness or environmental approach, where bringing environmental awareness among the common masses in India is a mammoth task. Our goal is to establish the company as truly entrepreneur in the environmental field by educating the people about environment through our own publication and to become a market leader of the environment friendly products and eco- adventure tourism. Business has an important role to play in today’s conservation efforts in India.
Care4nautre is continuously working to protect and restore this incredible nature. We welcome the People like YOU, people who care about conservation of the environment and will join the care4nature’s Network 4 Change. This Network helps to protect and preserve the precious Indian eco system. This Network is dedicated to promoting conservation, education, and scientific research in India. This network conducts seminars, briefings, and other public education and advocacy efforts to inform the general public about conservation issues and the work being undertaken in India.
And there is not a good web media in the field of environment so our main effort is to make that possible from our website and to develop a community. We want to provide a platform to all sorts of people who are interested in nature and saving it. Where people can freely post their view and can easily fight for environment.

Environment and wildlife research and Environment Education
To form a consolidation of Indian NGOs and environmentalists
Create environment awareness.
Pollution Protest
Eco Tourism
Adventure Tourism
C4n Publication
Trading of environment friendly products
Online Shopping
Environment protection agency

Care4nature is a dream of an environment lover like you and was founded in August 15, 2002. The primary objective of the organization is to develop network through India for environment awareness and to make organization familiar to the people. Media selected for the task is our website and our own publication that we are planning to launch during the following year.

We need your support to develop this into a meeting ground of all type of environment lovers, professionals and NGOs.

  • Shrenal Shah


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