India has one of the world’s largest ranges of species. From Northern Himalayan Mountains to far Southern Lakshwadeep’s corals and from Kuttch’s Deserts in Western India to Eastern India’s rain forests, there are plenty of the rarest of rare species that you will find only in India. However, due to over population and other factors, India’s natural wealth is being wasted. Some of the species are on the brink of extinction and some of them are critically endangered. This section has updates on the rarest species so that you can do something to save them.

Would you like it if someone came with big machines and destroyed tiger house?

Asiatic Lion
With the entire wild population of Asiatic lions confined to just one area, that population is highly vulnerable..

Leopards are threatened by illegal commercial hunting, for pelts and bones for traditional…

Inidian Rhineceros
By the early 1900’s, the Indian rhino was already thought to be a “vanishing race.”

Asian Elephant
Poaching elephants for ivory and meat is a widespread phenomenon in many Asian countries including India..

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